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Classic Fuckin Rock N' Roll - 94%

Demon_of_the_Fall, August 27th, 2003

This is by far the best album Rainbow ever recorded in my humble opinion. I also believe that this is Ronnie James Dio finest performance on any album that he has recorded vocals for. This is pure straight our 70's rock n roll that you can just chill out to and scream at the top of your lungs. Fun album indeed is what this is. Some of the most memorable songs you will ever hear appear on this album (Man on the Silver Mountain, Self Portrait, Catch the Rainbow, Snake Charmer). I'd rate this album up with some of the best ever recorded. As Richie Blackmore's band he pulled out some of his grooviest, hard rockin riffs he could come up with. You also really feel like pulling out the bong to let the sparks of old fly by. Not many old classic rock freaks mention this album, but I find that theres still a few out there that regard this album as one of the best in it's day. If you enough killer Rock N Roll this one is differently the one for you. Good times, or Bad times this Album is opted to teach you a lesson that you'll never forget. I highly recommend this album to any classic rock fan or any music fan in general. This is a must have for your collection. Drink your beer, smoke your pot and listen to Rainbow, hell you know that what our fathers did! Enjoy the tunes and Cheers!

Best Tracks: The Whole Godforsaken album is equally amazing!