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Classic Rock with balls - 98%

Ausgebombt, September 2nd, 2004

So this is where all started; Ronnie Dio was invited by Blackmore to join his solo project (and to keep the 'Dio' nickname as part of his name); and this is what we've got. An album influentied by Blackmore's past in Deep Purple and a bit of ol' Rock & Roll thrown here and there to make the album more catchy.

Man on the Silver Mountain is now a classic song, if you are or if you are not a Rainbow fan; you will surely know the riff to it. It is probably, along with Self Portrait, the heaviest song of the album. They are both mid to up-tempo and manage to go catchily easy from one to another one as the starting of the album; and Man On The Silver Mountain is really a way to start the album!

Then Black Sheep of the Family is a rock and roll influenced mid-up (the songs never go into wild up tempo, but the way it flows nicely from down to mid to up and can actually play with it, really works for the album and to keep the listener entertained) tempo, with silly lyrics and very catchy choruses.

Contrasting nicely with this up beat, joyfull song, comes the first ballad Catch The Rainbow, it is a rock and roll ballad and frankly I like it a lot, you can hear it when you want to chill out or just to listen to some beautiful music. But don't let yourself down, when minute 6.40 of this song goes away we have two Rainbow classics! The catchy mid tempo Snake Charmer, in which Blackmore's melody and one of Dio's singing masterpieces, really sets you a spell to go along with the magic of this song.

If you like/know Rainbow, you will probably know the next one, if you don't then shame on you! This is the low tempo Temple Of The King; another classic! In which the mood is well settled to continue with the magic of the previous classic. Again Dio sings like ment to the Gods and the melody is just beautiful, along with the solo.. a very remindable and comendable song, if you like Rock and Roll and it is perfect to chill out a bit...

After that we almost reach the end with the short Bluesy up tempo If You Don't Like Rock And Roll, which really sets my mood into "Happy", I love this song, as silly as it might be, the riffage and the arpeggios are memorable! You have to have a real cold heart if your mood isn't changed by this. One of the weirdest songs I've ever heard, with the piano solo and the clapping; but one of my favourites!

Then the album practically closes with the last lyrics-included song in the album, which is Sixteenth Century Greensleeves, which as you might think, it doesn't feature the melody of the classic piano song. This is, if you ask me, a good way to end the album, mid tempo but still catchy with good guitar works, and, as always, Dio's voice is flowing perfectly with the mood and the sounds. Then the song fades into the instrumental Still I'm Sad, which is an ejoyable performance from Blackmore and drummer (as well as bass player) which I can't, sadly, recall his name.. but this is, I repeat, a very worked out and enjoyable solo performance which shows us a bit of wankery from Blackmore but I actually can really see the capability and talent of each musician here.

Highlights of the album: Man On The Silver Mountain, Black Sheep Of The Family, Snake Charmer, Temple Of The King, If You Don't Like Rock And Roll.