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Fucking Rainbow! - 100%

necron99, September 25th, 2005

This album is absolutely amazing. The first time I heard this was in my friends car, and we are both enormous Dio and Rainbow fans, the keyboard solo in the intro to Tarot Woman is a great intro to this album, preparing thee for a space rock jounrey to the ancient Babalonian Space Palaces. Then after this solo is over Ritchie Blackmore slowly makes his way in with a typical Blackmore rock riff. The song is truly insane. And what to say of Dio? Well, simply put, he is god. I for one would not be surprised if I died and went to heaven(being that it exists) and Dio is there sitting upon a mighty throne. ANYWAY! Back to the album, every single one of the musicians on this album is truly amazing, they all add to the greatness of this album. To talk about Run With The Wolves I must put the chorus in There’s a hole in the sky
Something evil’s passing by, what’s to come
When the siren calls you go
To run with the wolf. This is such a great chorus for so many reasons. First, I personally think that the hole in the sky part is some sort of tribute to Dio's Sabbath days. Whenever Dio says the word evil, especially in this song, it makes my pants happy. And of course when the siren calls you go! Horns to that mother fuck!

Starstruck! Gets right to the point. Poor Dio being followed by some obsessed woman. He think he can hide on the moon, but! she will find a way! This is a great song, and very well put together.

Do You Close Your Eyes? No really, do you? I personally think this ones a bit cheesy, but still great anyway, especially hearing Dio speaking of babymakin'.

Now, Stargazer. Stargazer could easily be an album all by itself. This song is absurdly epic. I think this is all I can bring myself to say about it. Its just such an amazing song. This is what I mean by Ancient Babalonian Space Palaces. Especially towards the end of the song. The solos that Ritchie Blackmore does in this song are truly a force to be reckoned with. This song just starts off fairly basic, and gets progressively more and more epic as it goes on.

A Light In The Black, This is my personal favorite song on this album. A good fast one, great riff. The parts I like are toward the end of the song where there are dueling keyboard and guitar solos. And speaking of these guitar solos. There is one melodic part toward the end that sounds very Maiden-like. I love this song. Yes yes I do.

Overall this album is just great. Nothing less. I had to listen to it three times over after I heard it for the first time.