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Hard Rock the way it should be - 93%

OSheaman, February 13th, 2005

To say that Rainbow is good at making music is akin to saying Anton Chekhov is good at writing plays or that Michael Jackson is good at dancing. These guys are the masters of their craft and the mentors and idols of hundreds of copycat bands that arose after they took over the world of Rock 'n' Roll.

Rainbow really has an all-star lineup for Rising. Ritchie Blackmore at guitar is able to put together a group of some of the most talented musicians of the time, including the legendary Dio (carried over from the first album), the undeniably talented Tony Carey, and the rising stars Jimmy Bain and Cozy Powell. There is not a single weak link in the band; everyone is an incredibly talented musician and together they make incredible music. If not for the legenday short temper of Blackmore, these guys could potentially have stayed together and become as well-known as the less-talented AC/DC or Guns N' Roses.

As for the album itself, rarely will you find a more complete collection of intense hard rock. The songs are structured according to the principles of rock and they don't really make any earth-shattering style changes. Instead, the album simply rocks your ass off from beginning to end. Every single song on here is intense and fast-paced, intended to have you headbanging from beginning to end.

The best parts of the album are the incredible solos from Blackmore, Carey, and Powell. Indeed, the keyboard solo at the beginning of the album is increidbly groundbreaking and arguably paves the way for the keyboard-dominated sound that would define the entire eighties. Blackmore is talented as always and he really lights up the stage with solos that are both technically intense as well as positively soulful. Kudos also go out to Powell, who is an incredibly talented and versatile drummer. His occasional solo is exciting and interesting and his drumming is nothing short of electrifying.

This is the sort of album that paves the way for music for decades to come. It is both historic and fun and should definitely be part of your collection.