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Rock and roooooll, yeah! - 82%

Nightcrawler, January 13th, 2003

Long Live Rock N' Roll is a classic rock/metal album, with loads of catchy and fun rocking music. It's definitely stronger than the previous Rainbow release Rising, not to say that was a bad album.
On the previous, there were more epic influences, while this one is more fun rock n' roll all over, except for the awesome epic Gates Of Babylon, which is in my opinion Rainbow's second best song ever. It's a mystical song with an amazing atmosphere, and a really cool keyboard intro and a brilliant, atmospheric guitar solo.
Ritchie's guitarwork is all over the album, with lots of groovy riffs and blazing solos, and he is accompanied by damn great musicians.
First, of course we have vocalist Ronnie James Dio, and he does a great vocal work on this album, adding alot to the feeling of each song.
Bassist Bob Daisley, also known from Ozzy Osbourne, does a very good job, and the bass sound is just loud enough.
Drummer Cozy Powell can drum like few other men, but sadly he rarely ever gets to display his true talents on this album. To see what he can really do, check out the drum intro to Stargazer (Best Rainbow song).
And keyboardist David Stone, who does some solid keyboard effects, although I think that Tony Carey on Rising did a much better job.

The album doesn't really have one weak song. The title track is a classic rock anthem, Gates Of Babylon is just amazing, Rainbow Eyes is a beautiful ballad, and of course the fast and catchy Sensitive To Light, and all the rest rock just as much.
Except for Kill The King, which is another awesome track, it's right there below Stargazer.
An amazing guitar intro leads into a speedy power metal-ish song, with some unusually great guitarwork, even for Ritchie Blackmore.

Each song of the album rocks in it's own way, and all through this is a very solid album. Some great, catchy rock/metal can be found on here, and this is definitely recommended for fans of this style of music.