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This really takes you all the way to the Rainbow!! - 99%

Brat1983, April 26th, 2007

This concert is unfortunately (at least as far I know) the only Rainbow concert ever to be videotaped featuring the great Ronnie James Dio on stage alongside Richie Blackmoore and Cozy Powell. This alone opens up for a great concert experience.

The stage is "decorated" with a great big rainbow above the stage changing its colors now and then and giving a very good lighting show to the concert.

The concert opens with a small introduction and first song is the fastpaced rocker "Kill The King" which is a great opener! The band then continues playing most of their classic tunes (remember, this was actually before the "Long Live Rock'n'Roll" album, although 2 songs from that album are featured) such as "Catch the Rainbow", "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Sixteenth Century Greensleeves" and so on. We're talking heavy rocking songs as well as the more down to earth ballads. One of the highlights of the concert, in my opinion, is the cover of Deep Purple's "Mistreated" (well, Richie wrote it in his Deep Purple days with David Coverdale), which I absolutely love when Dio is singing it. No one does it as good as him. The passion he puts into this song is unbelieveable!!! "I been losing... looooosing... Baby, I been losing my mind" - FANTASTIC!!!

Richie Blackmoore plays some long solos too of course and I am not one to complain. I can never get tired of that man's solo playing! Especially enjoyable is the solo part of "Catch the Rainbow".

Cozy Powell plays a drum solo too and what a shame that man is no longer among us. Very original drum solo that features classical music which Powell gives a new life by adding some nice drumming to it. Really an exeptionally great drummer he was!

Ronnie James Dio, that man is some sort of God among men. One of the greatest singers of all time. What a voice! (and what a shame that he only stayed in Rainbow for 3 albums (and a live album)!!) Great performance and good at getting the audience into the concert, even in "Long Live Rock'n'Roll", which was a brand new song at this point. The audience hadn't even heard it before, but they're shouting their hearts out to please Ronnie.

This concert is by far the best concert I've ever seen on a dvd. What a great move to dig this out of the old German television archives so the rest of the world can enjoy it as well!

The extra material on the dvd only adds to the great experience of the concert. 3 promotional music videos from the "Long Live R'n'R" album. Perhaps the videos themselves are nothing really special, but the songs are great and the historical value can't be denied!

Furthermore there are two interviews with bassplayer Bob Daisley and roadie Colin Hart. They tell us a rather amusing story of how Richie Blackmoore was arrested in Vienna, Austria, only one day before this concert in Munich, and how the show had to be moved one day, and Richie just got out of jail in time and had to be driven to Munich. The support act played an extra long concert so that Richie would make it "in time". He didn't have time to change clothes however so what he wears during this concert is the same thing he wore 2 days before at the concert in Vienna. Quite funny in this reviewer's opinion.

If you like Rainbow or if you just like hard rock from the 70s, you can't go wrong with this DVD. It's a delight to watch and listen to this concert. Actually my only reason for not giving it a 100 is that they didn't play Stargazer, my absolute favourite track by Rainbow. But that's the only thing I can critizise this perfect concert for! Go buy it now. You won't regret it!!!