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An opus of (female fronted) atmospheric metal. - 77%

PainMiseryDeath, November 20th, 2003

Are you a Nightwish Fan? Do you like After Forever or maybe even Within Temptation perhaps? Well if you answered yes, or are interested in female fronted metal, Rain Fell Within is for You. There are no musical comparisons between the bands mentioned and Rain Fell Within, the music is hardely similar aside from a female vocalist. Musically, the band uses a lot of melodic and harmonic riffs, incorporating both heavy and clean guitar when needed. The atmosphere on this disc is that of a very dark album, from start to finish. Some of the songs, while sometimes very somber, can also be beautiful. There are a couple songs with just keyboards and vocals (The Child Beneath and Passing Time) but this is definitely a guitar album. Vocalist Dawn deserves the credit for giving the band their unique charm, even though the rest of the band is qualified enough to create an opus of atmospheric metal. The production is clear, the whole album flows fittingly, and the music really shines. I definitely think you should give this a listen if only for Dawn's wonderful voice, but I also recommend this one to anyone who would like to hear tranquilizing, non agressive metal.

Its a damn shame that this is Rain Fell Within's final release.