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Solid. Nothing more, nothing less. - 65%

MrMatt, February 25th, 2008

This album is what some would consider the prime and “be all and end all” of the gothic metal genre, and some would just outcast the band as “just another Theatre of Tragedy” clone. While Rain Fell Within are certainly a promising band, they are nowhere near being truly amazing.

When the “Believe” kicks off, it begins with a subtle and clean guitar and keyboard introduction before breaking into extremely melodic guitar riffs. The album consists of the most melodic riffs I’ve ever heard used in gothic metal. The band their doom influence under the melodies, which is a shame. Had the doom metal influence not be so layered under the melodies, they’re sound would be much better, and more influential. However, despite the doom influence being buried, the melodies are excellent. In fact, I can’t say I’ve heard any melodies that are remotely common except with the possibility of Cradle of Filth on “Dusk and Her Embrace”. However, with every good thing comes a really negative aspect.

The vocals on this album are pitiful. While the vocalist clearly knows how to sing well, her voice does not suit the music present here. Her operatic vocals kill about half of the melodic passages on the album (where she is actually singing). The bass can’t usually be heard buried under her voice. During the instrumental parts, it can be heard but only faintly. During the clean guitar passages I couldn’t help but think of Fields of the Nephilim. The band has a very strong similarity with them in terms of using passages to their advantage to create atmosphere. While the album might be solid, the atmosphere is lacking. I can’t help but think that Rain Fell Within have so much wasted potential trying to make everything work together and using a nice touch of keyboards to make their sound more prominent. However, what happens is that they destroy it with the vocals.

The album consistency is pretty iffy. The clean parts during their songs are incredible, and “Sorrow Becomes Me” and “A False Reality” are pretty damn good gothic metal tracks. The other three songs really pale in comparison to those, and almost make the rest of the album seem like a joke in a sense. The vocalist is the one problem with the music, and I finish this review with these last words:

This would easily appeal to Nightwish, Epic(r)a(p) and Within Temptation listeners. Just because the band isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean they’re amazing.