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Believe Me... - 90%

ElvenKing, September 16th, 2004

Rain fell Within hails from United States, they play a very nice Gothy Doom Metal. The debut album "Believe" shows that Rain Fell Within was a very promissing band, "was" because after the release of the second album(Refuge) the band broke up, it's sad, but they left a good legacy to fans of Gothy Doom Metal with female vocals.

The vocals of Dawn Desiree are very powerful and intense, contrasting with complex guitar and classical keyboard harmonies. The Bass work need to be mentioned, because give the support to the melodies, and few parts could be found fretless Bass that added to much the album dark atmosphere. Only 5 tracks, but with pretty long. The Brazilian guys(like me) have gained an gift from Hellion Records, a good bonus track named "The Only One". The bonus song starts with a Goth Rock Riff, but soon return to Dark feelings that overflow from the Album.

My prefered track is the first one "A False Reality" a powerful overture track, "Alone" begins more slow, but is only and deep dark begining for a Majestic Music...
"Believe" is a perfect blend of gloomy atmospheres and complex melodies, a very nice debut. Recommended.