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Ragnarok - 100%

Lethe, August 5th, 2004

I'm really happy I found out about this band, because this albums kicks ass!
This is one of my favorite releases of 2004, so far that is. I'm really glad
that Jontho is doing drums for this album, he's very good! He follows the pace
of the songs mostly, making excellent use of cymbol crashes, tinks and other sounds. Good thing they didn't record the double bass to high because he uses them a lot, almost as much as Hellhammer does on Chimera, awesome stamina! Jontho is an extemely technical drummer and I think more drummers need to be like him.

Hoest uses a high pitched vocal style which might bother some people, but
I think it fits in well; also he probably has the lamest picture ever shown
in a booklet, ignore it at every moment possible. There's not much to say about him except that he's good. The lyrics are mostly written by Espen except Blackdoor Miracle, Murder, and Kneel. Both people write good lyrics; I like Espens a little bit more though.

I'm not sure who writes most of the guitars it just says Ragnarok writes the music, but who cares, It's so fucking awesome! The music is so good on every song it just blows me away really, I haven't heard music like this on many Black Metal albums. Truly awesome Highlights of this album are: Rites of Geburah, Blackdoor Miracle, Murder, Bless Thee for Granting me Pain, and Journey From Life.