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Rage's Return To Form... Almost - 83%

NecroWraith, August 15th, 2007

In the past couple years, Rage seems to have gotten a lot more popular with power metal enthusiasts. They're listed right up there with the top power metal bands like Helloween, Blind Guardian, and Gamma Ray. I tend to disagree. Rage may be an alright band, but to me they'll always remain that second-rate power metal band that couldn't ever make it at the top. "Unity" is one of their better releases.

The album starts out VERY well. Probably the best part of the album are the choruses. Very well done. Almost all are memorable and unforgettable, incredibly catchy, and fit in with the rest of the song amazingly. Really superb songwriting. The vocals are well done as well, and as for the rest of the instruments...

Bass is probably the second strongest part of the album. Nice bass lines, constant and well written. Guitars and percussion, nothing too spectacular, but I'm not complaining. A bit repetitive, I have to admit. But I'm willing to let that go.

Then we reach the second half of the album. What happened here?! The first five tracks were great, but the next ones are fillers of the worst kind. Boring and unoriginal. Completely uninspired. Come on Rage! You could've put in a bit more effort and wrote the second half as well as the second. Seems like someone was rushing to get the album done and released as soon as possible.

Overall, the album is not bad. I'd get this album only if you could find it below $10 for the first half - the second part is really not worth it. Sorry Rage.

-Marcin C.