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The Creation of A legendary Lineup - 85%

BoomStick, December 10th, 2004

The legendary lineup of rage comes together to create a powerful, quick paced and unforgettable album. Being the first Rage album that I heard I enjoyed it greatly from the moment I placed it in the CD player. The songs all seem to flow nicely, and you can tell that when rage wrote these songs they did not struggle one bit. Unity album is what I like to call a simple album; you get bands like “Iron Maiden” and “Children of Bodom,” who have 5-6 band members in them at any given time. Rage while recording Unity has half that many members, so the sound is clean and simple. You got your bass, drums, and lead; not three leads, keyboardist, a separate vocalist and all other hell to crowd up a song (not saying that Iron Maiden, and COB are at all bad).

Uncharacteristic of most bands is how Rage’s bassist and long time member Peavy also does vocals, which seems to work well for them as he sings excellent on this album. On past Rage albums like, “Black in Mind,” I have noticed some of the choruses are rather lame sounding and I don’t think that Peavy sings them very well. However on Unity there are no bad choruses and the vocals are all sung well. Peavy also does his other job of bands bassist very well.

The renowned Victor Smolski, is incredible on this album…from keeping perfect timing with heavy sounding rhythm guitar parts, to smoking solo’s that most of us only dream of being able to play, Victor plays the whole able flawlessly.

The also renowned Mike Terrana delivers steady drumming keeping perfect timing throughout all of the songs. During the title track, “Unity,” Mike gets a chance to prove why he is part of a Godly band like Rage as he does an amazing drum solo that makes many people think his is a drum machine.

The songs on the album for the most part are incredible. “All I want,” has a strong drum line and good riffs which combine with an unforgettable chorus that is sung by Peavy perfectly. The track “Insanity,” has a powerful opening riff which is followed by a haunting next section that has creepy vocals about some guy killing his family because he has nothing left to live for. The chorus once again is very memorable; then more disturbing lyrics about a women who commits suicide by jumping off a building and smashing her face on the ground.

“Down” is the best track on the album, with once again very good vocals and singing. The chorus is sung well, especially with the guitar and bass lines, which follow some odd timing during the main chorus. Just following the chorus, the odd timing gets directly back into a steady flow, and the vocals, “I've got my shit together, It's working well, Don't need permission for my deeds,” follows the riff so well.

“Set this world on Fire,” begins with a slow intro, but quickly builds into a well created distorted section. “Dies Irae” is another highlight on the album, adding some choral singing of the chorus works very well. The song is powerful and quick paced witch basically explains why Rage is a, “Power” and “Speed” metal combined.

The next 5 songs on the album are all good, they don’t stand out as being anything specially; but they all got catchy riffs and good beats.

The last song, “Unity,” is instrumental, which basically sums up the entire album. With fast rhythm guitar, amazing solos and even a brilliantly done drum solo, this song has something for everyone.

This Rage album has the sound of new Rage, not like the old “Reflections Of A Shadow,” and “Trapped,” era. The sound is similar to, “To Black in mind” and anything since. This album is well worth the money (and if you haven’t seen the video for “Down” it comes with the album special addition, which is quite a good video clip, including mud wrestling and Heaven on fire.)