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Get the remastered version - 90%

Crossover, August 22nd, 2008

This little EP remains un-rereleased by itself. However you can find the remastered version of these songs on the Reflections of a Shadow re-release.

This is an action packed little EP but not as good as its follow up Beyond the Wall. These songs are in the Perfect Man/Secrets mold. It also includes one tack from Reflections.

Woman was a new track recorded for this EP although it sounds a ton like it would be off Secrets in a Weird World. Its a rocker compared to most RAGE songs but is also a nice speed metal anthem. The next song, Ashes, is a real treat originally written in '88. Its got a ton of riffs and some amazing melodies. A classic RAGE tune. The next track ,Bottlefield, is a RAGE classic from the Avenger days updated, rerecorded, and with altered lyrics. This one is a speed metal classic, one of the best around and this version is heavier than ever. They also throw a song from the previous album, Waiting for the Moon, on here. It was also a video single and a killer RAGE anthem to boot. The final track is a wild and imaginative instrumental What's Up. Goes form shred to bluesy rock to thrash to speed metal to a sort of Sieges Even sound all in one jam-styled song that the band used as a warm-up when rehearsing.

Overall this is yet another piece of the collection worth owning, but don't spend a ton on an original copy unless your a fanatic like me, just get the remastered version of Reflections of a Shadow on which you will also get the acoustic version of Woman.

Holy terrible production, Batman! - 47%

WarriorsDawn, July 13th, 2008

The riffs are good, the songwriting is good, so this should automatically be good, shouldn’t it? No. For a professional recording the production is really fucking bad. The vocals are too up-front, and well… Peter can’t do a falsetto that well. The guitar tone is tinny. Seriously, ‘South of Heaven’ ain’t got shit on this for tin can guitar tones. And I think that I should stress how up-front and bad-falsetto these vocals are.

There seems to be two exceptions to this. ‘Waiting For the Moon’, it’s a decent midpaced track, where the riffs can actually be heard above the non-falsetto vocals. Easily the best song on here. The second is ‘What’s Up’. It’s a pretty cool instrumental, so the vocals can’t be much of a problem here. (The bass solo at 2:07 is fucking cool, too!)

I usually don’t make a big deal about poor production, but this is too much. If it weren’t for that, this would own pretty hard.