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Classic RAGE riffs - 97%

Crossover, August 22nd, 2008

Another year, another RAGE release, this one is something extra-extra-special though. It marks the beginning of a 2 album killing spree of sorts where RAGE seems to obliterate every boundary of the metal genre but more on that in a future review.

This album is really special and when you add in bonus tracks is almost like a Full-length. These are RAGE songs of the highest order. All 5 of the studio songs are RAGE classics. The production is heavy and bone-crushing, a foreshadowing of the Ten Years in RAGE production. This Thrash/Speed of the highest order like no other band has ever done. Everything, the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums are near perfect.

Probably the most well-known song on here is On the Edge which also appeared on the Video Link video and Power of Metal comp. The opener Bury All Life is a pissed off thrasher. I Want You is a thrilling speed metal anthem. Nothing to Lose is a mid paced stomper. Last Goodbye has a riff that was recycled form the song Don't Fear the Winter but thats the only similarity. This song has an amazing chorus melody. This EP includes two live acoustic versions of RAGE classics aswell.

Overall this EP has some of RAGE's most original riffs ever and is a must own. You can find the remastered versions of all the songs scattered through the RAGE rerelease catalouge or you can doll out around 15$ or less for an original copy on ebay or amazon as it had fantastic production even back in the day.
A classic.