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A safe bet in this game - 80%

sharkruisher13, March 2nd, 2012

Is there any more rock solid band than Rage? Maybe Motörhead. Who cares? Rage still continues on in the same pace and tempo as they have done in their last eighteen releases. Pure heavy metal with challenging riffs and strong, raw vocals. Those are just two of the things that made Rage one of my all-time favourites. They just never seem to fail.

In this release we get five songs that stand out a little more than the other songs on the album. First, we got the self-titled song Twenty One and its decent theme about gambling addiction with such fantastic musicality and a really interesting chorus. Then we have Forever Dead, which is the power package of the album. It is a song that really sticks in your head right away and stays there. I really love that chorus. We also have Destiny which has both a good beat and speed. The riffing on this one is just freaking amazing. Last but not least we have Concrete Wall, which is simply put just awesome. Did I say that there were five songs standing out? Oh yes, I forgot about the cover of Eternally, originally in Nuclear Blast All-stars: Into The Light with Oddleif from Communic singing. The reason I forgot about it is that I want to forget about it. I did not like that song one bit. Why did Rage have to do that?

Rage is solid, but as usual there is always something to complain about. This time it is that cover, otherwise 21 is just as good as the other albums Rage have released over the years. Great songs, great riffs, but still not perfect.

Best Song: Concrete Wall

Grade: 8/10 Psycho Terrors

Also available in a shorter version in Swedish on