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Rademassaker / Exorcism - Tormented in Gore / Old Grave

Tormented in the old grave! - 90%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

How far can experiments in Death Metal go without turning non-Death Metal? How primitive can Death Metal get at all? Rademassaker answer both of these questions greatly by contributing 2 killer tracks to this split, one of which is a killer cover of Kreator’s TORMENTOR! They play non-compromising Death Metal without guitar! It’s only drums, bass and bestial growling from the depths of Hell! The result is very morbid and evil sounding Death Metal that crushes everything on its way! You gotta hear it to believe how well it works! I’m already addicted to this band, which unfortunately split up already.

On the other side of this 7” – Exorcism contribute more unholy and rotten, primitive Death Metal. Their mid-paced but heavy as fuck riffing and bassy sound make it hard to believe it was actually recorded in the 2000’s! Totally disgusting and dirty music and even uglier vocals, think very drunk Tom. G. Warrior. They’re not super-fast or super brutal, but I bet they’re more atrocious than any DM band you’re recently had a chance to hear!

By the way, I must say that I really like the way the 7”’s come on Deathstrike. Simple but nice, without any special bonuses that raise the release’s value for the wrong reasons (=not because of music). This particular release doesn’t even have an artwork, which is pity, but on the other hand – I believe that it will reach only those who truly want to listen to the music, which is great. It also features a regular A4 page with some info about the bands and lyrics, simple but well done! Support!