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Great Follow Up - 79%

DeathRiderDoom, June 12th, 2010

*Written for the 10th MA Virgin Reviews Challenge

Radakka set listeners ears on fire in ’88 with their solid and promising self titled demo; four tracks of blazing heavy/power metal, emotionally charged, unrelenting, and jam packed with heavy riffs – it was a rock solid debut that was followed up at the turn of the decade with another well received demo – this time the interestingly titled ‘Vicious Raditude’. Another 4-track demo tape, this one was also well received by fans, and shows a slight shift in the band’s sound. Here they become slightly more melodic, though still retaining plenty of balls; heavy riffs, pounding drums, and droves of energy. In this demo they start to sound more like Racer X or M.A.R.S.

‘Ill Walk Alone’ is a solid and thundering cut – a pounding, powerful and heavy anthem. It focuses on thick vocal melodies, with John Dobbs’s powerful voice at the centre. This track reminds me of Banshee, Matakopas Laaz Rockit and perhaps primarily Liege Lord. Anyway, the guitars are awesome and thick; very crisp clean guitars in the verses – recording really brings em through nicely; a very strong number from start to finish. ‘Mad Maggie’ is a melodic number in which the band sounds like Racer X. It has a huge chorus – continuing the bands strength in this area – they always seem to have really big hooks and choruses you just wanna sing along to. Much of the classic, pounding Radakka sound is present in this well-crafted, solidly written number, though it has a softer edge than much of the bands other early material. I don’t enjoy the track ‘We Don’t Need a Leader’ as much as the other tracks, though it sounds very much like Racer X again.

Another solid demo from Radakka on their sophomore effort. The sound is slightly more melodic and very Racer Xish, and the recording quality is a bit crisper. I enjoy all of the tracks except ‘We Don’t Need a Leader’, which is very repetitive, and has one of their most lackluster choruses – considering this is definitely one of the bands strength. More inventive, great sounding guitars on this one – with ‘Ill Walk Alone’ being excellent in this regard. If you enjoy stuff like Racer X, Laaz Rockit, M.A.R.S, Alcatrazz, Matakopas and Diamond Tyr, you should check this one out – or if you liked the first demo, this one is certainly worth getting as a follow-up.