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Impressive, Professional Debut - 79%

DeathRiderDoom, June 12th, 2010

*Written for the 10th MA Virgin Reviews Challenge

Radakka were a pretty badass heavy/power metal band that hailed from the same ‘80s Chicago scene that included Fatal Violence. Bursting onto the scene with a charged brand of high pace pounding heavy metal, Radakka churned the demos hard in the ‘80s, yet apparently were unable to muster up an official full-length until much later – in that dark, dark time known as the mid ‘90s. The bands style is said to be emotionally charged, and there’s a certain air of that in the music. Strong vocal melodies and a thundering drive are also aspects – pounding drums and the powerful screams of John Dobbs drive along the material. The hardworking Radakka took their unique sound and steadfast dedication to the studio to record their first demo in ’88 – resulting in this 4-song self-titled effort, which would eventually be followed by the ‘Vicious Raditude’ demo in ’90 and the roaring ‘Masquerade’ demo in ’91.

The debut demo itself is a badass, aggressive and confrontational outing. It retains tones of energy, and a solid pace throughout. Featuring the blazing solos of John Dobbs & Michael Posch. Tracks like ‘Silent Enemy’ have all the winning ingredients for a solid ‘80s metal track. A blend of heavy and power metal, this one has all the hooks, blazing solos, heavy riffs, high pitched screams and cool lyrics one could ask for. A tough sound is evident that while frankly quite original sounding, seems to be part Judas Priest, with some similarity to USPM’s harder, more aggressive acts such as Omen. ‘Voices’ slows things down a bit but refuses to let go of awesome guitar passages and catchy, catchy hooks. If you’re looking for memorable lyrics and those “stuck-in-your-head” choruses – Radakka has that in spades. Great guitar leads are found in equal measures. ‘Take Control’ is perhaps even more catchy, and incredibly rebellious – sounding almost akin to Racer X.

Anyway, an excellent first demo by underground titans Radakka. The material is excellent, and already seems professional & refined, although it is a first effort. What’s evident here is consummate professionalism as well as a clear vision. Radakka had the talent and forsight to craft one hell of a debut offering here – and they would continue two years later with the solid ‘Vicious Ratitude’ demo in 1990, which bring their sound even closer to Racer X. With the level of skill present on this first demo, it’s not hard to see why Radakka amassed such a large fanbase in Chicago. If you’re after another solid ‘80s power metal band with a ballsy, yet melodic sound. Be sure to check out this demo from Chicago’s Radakka. You won’t be disappointed.