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A true metalheads dream. - 90%

heavymetalvixen, January 21st, 2004

What an excellent live album!! I was quite impressed when I first heard this album. The production and quality is great, and Racer X sound just as mind-blowing live as they do on an album recorded in the studio.

Paul Gilbert is an amazing guitarist. One of the best, imo. Even if Racer X aren't your thing, you can't deny the talent these guys have. This stuff is fucking technical, and its catchy at the same time. That is definately an accomplishment. Racer X are one of the few bands I know that can pull that type of thing off.

Racer X have a very unique sound. Every song they write is impressive, and memorable. Even the drums are outstanding. There is a ton of energy on here, and you will definately be banging your head.

This album is an instant classic. If you don't own this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Best Tracks: 17th Moon, Street Lethal, Snakebite, Evil Joe, and Fire Of Rock.