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Cheesy but TALENTED... - 55%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

This record shows a tremendous waste. The musicians are among the best I've ever heard, hands down. The songs are among the funniest I've ever heard...hands down. Racer X are a cheesy 80's metal fans dream. Scott Travis of Judas Priest fame, and a few other luminaries got their starts here...but thankfully this never held them down for it's absolutely silly presentation of music/lyrics. It's amazing to hear people play like this, and even more amazing to think that such talented musicians could write such utter dogshit.

The compositions are simply hilarious. Cheesy lyrics, over the top guitars (to the point of laughter) and few actual hooks damage this CD beyond repair. Sure, the playing is among the most accomplished the world has ever had the pleasure to hear...but the reality is that these songs mean nothing to anything. They fly by through sunset strip cliches while shredding away at impressive, but in the end pointless guitars runs (and vocal scales) to show a band that is all revved up with nowhere to go. The best song is the Judas Priest composition "Heart of a Lion" which saves this CD from being a waste.

(Thankfully, Scott Travis joined up with Priest and left this mess behind and the rest of the guys had a hit with Mr. Big as far as I recall...)

Racer X are an amusing, if happy addition to metal history even though they never really produced any timeless music. They fell victim to their own lack of inspiration but later all made careers for themselves with considerably better music.

Best listened to with "nostalgia" on the mind than as a serious representation of any kind of music.