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Fist Pumping Metal!! - 90%

headbanger54, November 27th, 2007

Quiet Riot, a very recognizeable band who was one of the first in the American heavy metal scene. And if "Winners Take All", then I must be a winner because this cd has it all!

The songs on here are without a doubt the best to offer from Quiet Riot. Metal Health, Party All Night, and Let's get Crazy. Not to mention their cover of Cum On Feel the Noize. All the songs on here are great heavy metal songs in their simplest form. Thundering power chords and rolling drums dominate most of the album with some pretty impressive soloing. Very melodic vocals run through the whole thing with the choruses having you pump your fists and chant along. There's some pretty cool riffs on here which will have you moving to the beat.

There's really not much more to talk about since you probably know all of the songs on here.....because they rock! It's a very good listen for fans of classic heavy metal and people who are new to the heavy metal scene. And since the vocalist dies the other day i figured I should review the only Quiet Riot cd that I have.

R.I.P Kevin DuBrow