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Quite impressive! This is underrated! - 87%

IWP, April 11th, 2008

This album is a major improvement over Condontion Critical. This album is no Metal Health, but it's actually better than Metal Health, in my opinion. The songs have increased drastically in quality, and they for the most part have gotten rid of the silliness of their last two albums, and it's more consistent, because of it. That does not nessecarily mean that this is a mature album. It still has the fun and cathciness that they've always had.

On this album, they've added keyboards to their sound which gives the song more of poppy and commercial (for 80s anyway) sound. The keyboards actually make some of the songs better than what they normally would've sounded like. They also sacrifice metal riffs for more of a hard rock sound that's actually similar to Europe. No, you won't hear any (IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! *du du du du*) hooks on this album. It's just similar in sound to that band, and the keyboard hooks are quite good as well. Though, most metalhead elitists would be turned off by the keyboard hooks.

The best songs would have to be Main Attraction, The Wild and the Young, and quite possibly one of their best songs ever, Slave to Love. All three of these songs have nice hooks, and are catchy as fuck without being silly. The keyboard hooks, especially make these songs very memorable. The ballad, Still of the Night is pretty good as well. They finally know how to do a ballad properly, as this one doesn't get raped by bad vocals unlike Thunderbird, nor is it overly silly unlike Winners Take All. Bass Case is a pretty nice instrumental, which is similar to Battle Axe, only they show off the bassist's talent instead. Helping Hands is decent as well, though it suffers a bit from a cheesy chorus.

For the most part, this album is fully consistent. There aren't a lot of classics on this album, but at least there's no Thunderbird or Stomp Your Hands, Clap Your Feet, or anything that sucks as much as those two songs. Strangely, the worst songs on this album are about as good as the best songs on their last album, and that's saying something. This is better than Metal Health, and way better than Condition Critical. It's ashamed that this album went out of print, and that it isn't really remembered that much, because it's actually their best album, and all because it isn't another Metal Health clone. This album is underrated, so if you are lucky enough to find this album cheap, get it! Otherwise, just download it like I did. However, you probably won't like it if you either really loved Metal Health, or if you hate keyboards in your rock/metal.