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Not bad, but the vocals ... - 65%

Xeogred, May 31st, 2008

Huh, maybe they came up with such a band name because they wanted a quick buck or two. This is straight up thrash metal with some definite Bay Area influences around the place and well, they really didn't try to be innovative here or anything. Which certainly isn't always a bad thing. The album starts up and you'll think you're in a ride for some solid thrash here, but then the vocals come in ...

Man, I can't take it. Dwayne Whitehead is a typical vocalist I'm supposed to absolutely love, but his performance is so lacking and anticlimactic that it's rather disturbing and overall brings the experience here down a lot for me. This isn't always the case for a lot of thrash I'd say, there's a lot of bands out there I enjoy where I can't even tell what the hell the vocalists are screaming, but they're intense and flow along with the music perfectly. Whitehead here, doesn't manage to work with the music very well at all. His vocals are pretty clean and you can easily tell he's got the capability to probably shriek a ton ... when he sings. That's definitely one of the biggest issues here, it seems like he gets hardly anytime at the mic. There's times when you think he's just about to go all out, sing faster, unleash some cool screams, and flow along with the riffs and rhythms, maybe punch out a cool chorus, but no. The vocals fail to do all of that. Maybe it's not the guys fault and the band just didn't think vocals were that important or something, I don't know. Regardless it's the biggest issue I have with this album, because he sounds like he has a lot of potential to do far better than this. The rest of the band here does not manage to back themselves up very well with the lack of even slightly decent vocals.

I've certainly heard worse though. A nice thing here is the production, somewhat reminding me of Vio-lence's Eternal Nightmare(except style wise they're not nearly that fast or intense). Though the bass is somewhat of an exception and flawed, it tends to sound a little flat and isn't heard very often. There's a nice handful of moments here and there that standout along with some cool solo's, but really it's hard to pick out some worthy favorites. In addition to this complaint it's pretty obvious that there's a case of repetition when you listen to it and get a few tracks in. They've got that generic thrash formula down and seemingly duplicated it 12 times over. Like a lot of 2nd/3rd tier bands, they've placed one of the better tracks at the start; Will You Die has Whitehead at the mic fairly often but right off the bat you'll probably notice his lack of energy. There's a nice slew of powerful riffs throughout most of the tracks, but they fail to be consistent with the songs all the way through. Leave It To The Beaver stands out a little bit after about halfway in when it's done building up, this one has a little more crunch to it than the rest. Both Battle Your Fear and Injected aren't bad at all and for once manage to be interesting from the start and to the end. What's Next has a little taste of Vio-lence in it towards the middle. And with the finale, Plowed has some cool solo's.

In the end though, you really can't get much more generic than this. I'm not sure who I'd ever recommend this to and it's something you'll probably never see me talk about. I guess if you're just an all out huge thrash fanatic you might enjoy it, or if you want like a really toned down Eternal Nightmare. They had potential, but it's like they were afraid to be even a little creative (no surprise seeing that practically 90% of these guys didn't move on with other bands or so forth later on) and above all, the vocals are really unfurnished and at times completely nonexistent. 3rd tier shelf probably.