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Queensrÿche - Warning

Prog Brilliance - 86%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Queensryche – Warning

Another excellent Queensryche production here, metal fans. This time featuring two great cuts from the ‘Warning’ album. Well worth checking out.

‘Warning’ itself is a progressive piece which has an almost Maiden-ous approach to the intro and verse guitar. This feel is enhanced by the rather ‘active’ based bits in my opinion. This track seems considerably more upbeat than a lot of other Queensryche numbers (for example Queen of the Reich, Nightrider, Deliverance et al), which is due predominantly due to the emotive subject matter coupled with guitar riff choice. ‘Warning’ feels like an epic, but is under five minutes, an effect probably achieved through the slower pace and variety in sections. Your Tate screams on this one are typically on form, and your subject matter is evocative and deep.

‘Deliverance’ is my preferred cut on this one, which has a haunting, minor-y intro riff in the vein of the title track for Halloween (John Carpenter) – which is a song as well as a movie, ya know. I like the combination of ‘minimalist’ spine shattering power chords in the verses, which leave the work to Tate. The little licks of guitar throughout carry on that Halloween flavor which keeps the emotions running high. The chorus on this one has great production; voices come through thick and forceful – adding to the impact.

Two great songs on this record that are typical in Queensryche power and emotion. All your power/progressive metal subject matter, with these songs being more complex than their earlier stuff and benefiting from great recording. Solid as a rock.