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When Respectable Bands Go Bad - 10%

elfo19, April 30th, 2009

Queensryche is yet another victim of the "must play generic alternative rock" syndrome. It's as if 3 Doors Down and Nickelback have polluted the water supply leading to dozens of musicians' houses. This disease is dangerous and it seems to be apparently contagious.

But enough medical mumbo-jumbo. The result of this disease striking Queensrcyche is this parody of a metal album, "Q2K". Right from the beginning album it is all set up to be a complete waste of time. The first song, "Falling Down" is so devoid of musical ingenuity or creativity it makes Geoff Tate resort to growling like some king of 90's grunge singer. The drum beat makes me want to shove pencils in my ears. While not every song is as bad as this pathetic excuse for music, it doesn't get much better.

Every song sounds the same pretty much. While this has plagued previous Queensryche efforts, it's actually a major problem on this one, because all the songs sound so damn pathetic. The music isn't even catchy for Christ's sake! The melodies of these songs sound like random pitches which Tate belts out with a tacky grunge intensity which sounds really foolish. The guitar work is mediocre, never doing anything interesting, but rather taking the alt-rock route and playing long chords, and generic riffs over and over again. These riffs aren't good the first, second, or third time, and what Queensryche apparently doesn't realize is that playing them over and over hundreds of times doesn't make them better. The bass is for the most part inaudible. The drums plod along like the drums you'd hear in a radio alt-rock anthem. They are repetive, always loud, and never doing anything interesting or different. I am trying to find something good to say about this album, but I can't.

In fact, because there is nothing good about this album, the bad things become all more noticeable. For "Q2K", Queensryche decided not to play any dynamics at all. For you non-musical folks, that means loud and soft. Usually in "progressive metal" the dynamics are interesting. Songs have soft and loud sections, light and heavy. Here all we have is loud, mid-tempo, rock songs. There is no variation, and it makes the album gets increasingly more annoying as it trudges along.

"Liquid Sky" is the only song which comes close to being relatively entertaining, maybe because it sounds different than every other song on the album. Bur even still, it's nowhere as good as any other Queensryche song off "Empire" or "Midcrime". The truth is, there is no reason to listen to this album instead of another Queensryche album. And if there is no reason to listen to it, well, it's not worth owning, or touching, or thinking about, or anything. If you are a fan of the band, don't even go near this album, it will only make you sad, depressed, possibly suicidal, and very dissapointed. I overexaggerate, but this disc is bad.

If you like 3 Doors Down, or Creed, then you ought to buy this album immeadiately. But, if you're like me, and you like interesting, though provoking progressive metal, then you better stick to Queensryche's better albums. "Q2K" is a genuine flop.