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Too damn fluffy and wavering - 59%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

In 1988 there was released a masterpiece of progressive/power metal, one that demanded to be listened to in one sitting, one that grabbed one's attention from the beginning and refused to let go until a good five minutes after the end...

but this isn't a review of Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. THIS particular album in question (Operation: Mindcrime, for those that forgot!) is not bad, but it really does suffer from being overlong. There are some really, truly great songs here. However there are some that just lose one's attention, and thus don't keep the story going as well as they should. Also, there are just a bit too many interludes, and not enough heavy fucking metal moments. This is no Hanging in the Balance.

Highlights... "Spreading the Disease". On the song level, this just fucking works marvellously.

Too many songs suffer from the "let's accent the vocals" syndrome. For example, "I Don't Believe in Love" has one of the best intro riffs ever. Then it dies for a while, before coming back with a truly impressive melodic part at 2.52. Judas Priest is damn proud. Same with "Revolution Calling". The best ballad is probably "Eyes of a Stranger", which works well as a closing piece.

The overlong... Suite Sister Mary has its moments. The intro operatic vocals are amazing. Geoff on the other hand sounds fairly ordinary at the beginning, as does the random chick. Some awesome guitar work in here too, but it just doesn't tie in right. Also, too many intros. There is an intro song to the intro song!

As for the concept... awesome! Somewhere in here, a 46 minute masterpiece is waiting to get out.