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Thee greatest greatest hits album....EVER! - 100%

PowerMetalGuardian, January 21st, 2003

What's loud, fast, and screams hevay metal in your face? Okay that could be a lot of things. But, Queensryche's greatest hits album fits into this category! If you are a Queensryche fan this is a must to pick up! If you don't know the band well this still is a great one too pick up! This album gives you over an hour of the greatest songs Queensryche has made. And when I say greatest I mean "GREATEST"! There have been many times where I am cond into buying a compilation album where it is just plain awful. This is not one of those awful ones! Every single song is a hit. This album is also great for fans who hate to buy albums for the one or two great songs on them. This one has all the greats so you can't go wrong, because there is at least one or more songs taken off of every single Queensryche album. From the speedy riff of Queen of the Ryche to the catchy verses of Someone Else? this cd will engulf you in one of thee greatest bands and there greatest hits. No complaints here, this compilation is nicely put together and should be owned by every metalhead!