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DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Plagiarism = instant loss! - 29%

Antilith, November 26th, 2017

Damnit, this is what I hate most about bands, who think they should go back in time and revive things that should just remain in the past, especially if time shows that they don't have what it needs to do this anymore.

First of all, you have a new singer, right? You have a singer who has clearly a heavier and more serious voice than his predecessor. Also, you have no frigging idea what you need to get the old 80s sound of your band, as it seems. In addition, you should have realized, that recycling music and style of a time that is clearly over just doesn't sound good, at least not in the genre you're moving along. I mean you're not Megadeth who just can decide to play some sickass riffs as a thrash metal band like band then when they were 20 and would be celebrated when they release the reincarnation of Peace Sells. So why do you consider to make an album that shall sound similar as the Warning or Rage for Order in a time when this just doesn't work anymore?

When I've listened to Condition Hüman, this was the first thing I was thinking about, especially after this totally weird Arrow of Time. I remembered the last album of Queensryche that contained this dark, heavy and more serious sound they developed to demonstrate their skills with their new singer Todd LaTorre, and back then I really believed that they will try to orientate more after Todd LaTorre with their new style or at least keep it how it was on the s/t 2013 album. And this was what annoyed me the most, after their last album they just decided to dump everything they started to develop on their last album and replace it with their old style they just are not able to recycle anymore.

Condition Hüman is barely listenable, since Queensryche just kinda wanted to apologize to their old fans and tried everything to get them back after all this trash they released compared to their first albums. And this is where you can find the problem, you just can't expect your fans to just listen to things they know already. This is not slam death metal, where nobody gives a fuck about that you play the same thing about an hour, cut it in short tracks and give it weird or longass names. There are some exceptions maybe, but as a band which always tried something new, even if the new things usually were awful, it is totally depressing to get 12 songs with something you more or less already had.

In the first listens I have a bit sympathy for Guardian, but also this song gets old very quick because Queensryche apparently don't know how to make a song sound unique, or at least interesting anymore. I mean seriously, you get rid of a member who ruined your band, and now you think in playing average stuff would be enough?

There are clearly three songs that remain listenable to me, called Hellfire with its slow marching and really catchy sound, Toxic Remedy, a semi-epic song with especially a good chorus and Hourglass that can keep the listener awake as well. The rest is totally mediocre and sometimes Queensryche even annoy the hell out of me, especially when they told Todd to howl the chorus over and over again as on Selfish Lives, or when he tries to sing a half-ballad but totally sounds cringy as on Just us.

If you really are a Queensryche fan, then stay away from this album because you have listened to these songs already, just in better versions. If you are just one of these old school back then everything was better and my band just got ruined over the time, I think you can get along with this album because you won't even care about that there is a different singer as long as you listen to the same over and over again.