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Queensrÿche - Another Rainy Night (Without You)

Mastery of the Progressive - 84%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Queensryche – Another Rainy Night

‘The Ryche’ continue their dominance of all things progressive with this good value single featuring four tracks. The b-side is live versions of two excellent tracks off ‘Operation’ which are pretty strong. The studio songs are two powerful, evocative songs that I thoroughly enjoy, with ‘Another Rainy Night’ being the best.

‘Last Time in Paris’ has a powerfully modern sound, being pretty ‘ahead of its time’ in a sense. The riff style and the technically presented chorus are two reasons for this feel. This track is also atypically upbeat for Queensryche, who I feel do largely ‘sad’ emotive material. This one’s definitely progressive in overall sound, with a weird subject matter – Geoff positions himself as the protagonist and reflects on a real-life experience he has in the ‘City of Lights’.

Another Rainy Night’ is a fantastic love song with that typically ‘sad’ sounding Queensryche aesthetic I mentioned earlier. Tate sings in a lower voice in the powerful verses, contrasting with his often soaring approach typical of their (particularly early) stuff. I reckon this one’s got a bit of Maideny riffage in the bridges – like ‘Seventh Son’ era feeling stuff. The chorus is magnificent here, and makes me want to steal Tate’s vocal talents for use in my own music. Really well-written and appropriate guitar lead here that blows you right away. Just an all-round brilliant track that in true Queensryche fashion evokes powerful emotions in the listener, while being particularly polished and ‘futuristic’.

The addition of live tracks is a bonus on this release, coz really the love song is brilliant enough in itself. Thoroughly well thought-out songwriting in the title track. The lyrics “strange how laughter looks like crying without sound” and “raindrops taste like tears without the pain” are excellent and typically prog metal and powerful in the Queensryche tradition.