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To be honest, this isn't too bad. - 75%

Kanwvlf, June 16th, 2004

Now, with this, I can see what not many people would like it, because it contains a lot of music from their Tribe album, and where that is no where near as good as their earlier stuff, I still suggest you give this a chance.

The Tribe songs sound better than they do on the album despite the pretty bad recording and production quality, and also with this, it has some of their better stuff from the early albums.

Of course, the best songs on here are Sign Of The Times, Breaking The Silence and The Needle Lies, as they are on the best Queensryche albums. But, about the other songs, they may not have been that good, but on here, they're really good to chill out to. It's almost as if this was recorded as a chill out session by Queensryche.

The songs from Losing Myself all the way through to Della Brown are really good to just sit down to and listen to, or drive to, or anything where you can just relax and listen to them in their fullness.

Now, if you really didn't like Tribe, then you probably won't really enjoy this at all, but if you didn't mind Tribe, I suggest you check this out, as you should be pleasantly surprised.