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Passable - 60%

ENKC, December 22nd, 2008

A short version of this review would be fairly simple to write. This is a cover album. It’s by Queensryche. If you enjoy Queensryche and are not averse to covers, you might find it mildly amusing. Just don’t fall over yourself to get a copy.

As for the long version, this is one of the most varied cover albums you’re likely to hear, in song selection if not in playing style. There’s only one outright metal track in the guise of Sabbath classic ‘Neon Knights’. The rest runs the gamut from opera to musical theatre to classic rock.

Pretty much everything about this album is a pass mark. The band are clearly long past their peak (a peak they hit right at the beginning of their career, as it happens) and are distinctly lacking in energy and conviction. This applies equally to the performances and production, all of which are competent but rather dull.

That said, these guys are legends and hearing some of their favourite (distinctly non-metal) songs makes for a refreshing change of pace from your daily metal onslaught. I won’t bother with a track by track as you’ll either like these songs or you won’t.

However, it must be said that for the most part they demonstrate little in the way of interpretation. Neon Knights may as well be the original recording with different vocals. Nor for that matter are any of the others especially out of left field.

In short, it’s worth a look for Queensryche completists and those with a hankering for something modern in the vein of American classic rock with a twist of British prog. Otherwise, don’t bother.