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Simplistic, Yet Powerfully Haunting Majesty - 91%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Queensryche – Queen of the Reich

This single kills everything – a hundred times over. Anyone who ever thought 80’s metal was a joke will be murdered a thousand times over by the time this ten minutes of melodic furious-ity is over. Prepare for total Domination! Two of their best songs on this small disc that are absolutely enchanting in their power and majesty. I may as well give up trying to describe this shit because words are not powerful enough to convey the brilliant contained in this piece of vinyl. But I will carry on…

‘Queen of the Reich’ itself is a powerful number that right off the mark with the opening sad and epic riff gets to evoking nothing but stunningly epic power metal majesty. This track is four minutes of the best heavy/power metal ever, with tonnes of conviction present in the vocals of legendary Geoff Tate. His voice is almost as amazing as Rob Halford’s, with soaring highs that convey the dramatic themes of the song to a tee. The chorus of this one sends chills down my spine to this day. The prominent bass and crunching, rumbling guitars are excellent touches.

‘The Lady Wore Black’ is a haunting, slightly slower piece that is among the best in progressive metal. The haunting, sad qualities of the opening soft guitar are arranged perfectly with the truly powerful vocals of Tate. The chorus is the high point in this one again, with the soaring highs of the vocals evoking an awesome cinematic feel which is given extra impact by an impressive Wilton guitar riff. The simplistic approach to this song belies an incredible power. The chorus vocal is very simple with a mere two-tracks that give an effective harmony. The slower, emotionally driving softer guitar is brilliantly juxtaposed with the increasingly intense vocals of Tate which erupt in an orgasmic chorus.

An outright stunner on this one, but you’re probably better advised to get their self-titled EP, with these two songs alongside two almost as amazing tracks in ‘Nightrider’ and ‘Blinded’. These two really are two of the bands best tracks – like a concentrated form of the majesty and power that is Queensryche. Total brilliance and domination.