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Good - 87%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

'Promised Land ' is the first of the non-Metal Queensryche albums and as such, their second to last good album. In this, we hear a darker and bitter Queensryche the likes of which we've not seen before or since. This album is best categorized as 'Dark Progressive Rock'.

The production is more or less the same as it was on 'Empire'(in short nothing to write home about but it gets the job done). The guitars are light, and mostly clean or with some kind of effect on them. They are rarely if ever distorted. There are several leads and no real solos to speak of. The riffs are dark and abstract in some instances.

The bass is still in full 80's Metal bass player mode, and sadly follows the others throughout the entire release. The drums play some interesting somewhat polyrhythms here and there, just barely breaking out of a more standard Rock format. There are some light keyboards and samples strewn throughout the release as well.

The vocals are very minimalistic and work with the sparse guitar work. Geoff does use his full range but it’s limited. This album sees the beginning of the "new" Tate voice, thankfully it’s not dominate here.

This album is by far the darkest album that band ever release which is interesting given that its easily their lightest album as well. Most of the songs are set at a moderate pace and never leave that rut. This really is a lost gem as it’s crafty and intricate, delicate to a point even. There is more going on then what you truly hear and that is one of the better parts about this album. It’s an album that makes you think. This is recommended to fans and those who enjoy immersing themselves in dark moody music.