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An act fit for the theatre. - 95%

hells_unicorn, October 3rd, 2006

It can be plainly said that one of the most legistically difficult things a band can do is perform an entire album, in order, from start to finish in the live venue. Of course, when we have a metal band of Queensryche's caliber, such a feat is made to seem effortless.

One of the bonuses to having the visual version of this concert (I have the 2001 DVD reissue) is that you can see the video footage that is played both during and in between each song. We also are able to see the rather beautiful and vulnerable looking Pamela Moore, whose voice actually betrays her appearance.

Geoff Tate and the other members of Queensryche who performed backing vocals on all of these songs are to be commended for there ability to effectively recreate the sound of the original album. The voice lines are highly complex, and the idea of hitting some of the higher notes while playing an instrument is actually a bit amazing.

Although there are no bad performances on here, there are 3 absolutely amazing renditions to behold here. "Breaking the Silence" is actually more powerful here than on the studio release, and showcases Chris DeGarmo's lead playing abilities quite nicely. "The Needle Lies" gets my pic for best song to get the crowd jazzed up, and the stop for 5 seconds in the very middle of the song was a nice touch. "Suite Sister Mary" gets my pic for best overall performance, not only for the musical interpretation, but also for the theatrics provided both by Tate and Moore.

The interview with Geoff Tate is very revealing about the long and drawn out process of creating this collection of songs. He alludes to many various personal experiences leading up to the composition of the album, including hearing the theme to the title track while stopping in a Catholic church in Canada. This alone is incentive enough to pick up this DVD rather than saving a few dollars on the CD version.

In conclusion, no fan of Prog. Metal should be without this DVD, it is probably the closest thing to an actual live performance by a talented bunch of musicians that you will ever see on this medium. I recommend it strongly, as I myself can still find enjoyment in re-watching it after the first 6 times.