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Nikki should've got life.... - 40%

samshroyer, December 18th, 2006

No, I am not saying that because in Operation: Mindcrime, he killed many political and religious leaders. I am saying it because I had a perfect vision of the first album and now, every time I listen to such a perfect album, I feel a bit of anger because the sequel is crap.

I don’t even think this album fits into the metal genre, with the exception of Fear City Slide, The Chase, and I’m American. It sounds more like a cross between Alt Rock and Prog Hard Rock.

All of the songs, except for the ones previously mentioned, are not very good at all. They lack creativity, and all sound the same. Geoff Tate no longer has his multi-octave range, and always sings at the Alternative Rock sounding voice, which I think is very annoying. The guitars solos are not decent at all, and the drums aren’t as complex as they were in OMC. And overall, the once perfect story line of the OMC is completely ruined, with Nikki being let out of jail, and hunting down Dr. X, and the sad part is that you can’t even figure out what’s going on in the story line from One Foot In Hell through Re-Arrange You.

“Hey guys, let’s have Nikki just get out of jail, kill Dr. X, get re-addicted to drugs, and have him kill himself to be with his nun girlfriend, who has been dead for eighteen years.” I bet that’s what happened in the studio, and that’s pretty much all you get out of the story, right there. And what you do get out of the story is not very good at all.

I personally would have made a sequel about ten years ago when they had just come out of their prime. I wouldn’t have made it have such a crappy story line either, in my opinion, they should’ve had a story where Nikki gets life imprisonment, but escapes from jail, or even Alcatraz, that’d be even better. Then once you have two sweet concept albums, you can have a crappy third one.

So if you’re a die-hard fan of Operation: Mindcrime, and you want to listen to it the same way you did back in 1988, with a perfect “nothing can ruin this story” vision in your mind, don’t buy this album, for you will be very disappointed.