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STAY AWAY!! This album has Silent Lucidity on it!! - 89%

PseudoGoatKill, September 17th, 2005

Alright where to begin on this review. I guess I could do a song by song review, but I don't wish to do that. Queensryche is one of those bands that I remember hearing on the radio as a child and enjoying their music. Perhaps this review is a bit of nostalgia. The best songs on this album are the ones that they play on the radio. Empire, Jet City Woman, Another Rainy Night (Without You), Anyone Listening?, and Silent Lucidity. Yeah I put Silent Lucidity down as one of the better songs of this album.

First of all I'm sick and tired of everyone thinking that this is a love ballad. I mean hell, throw in violens into a melodic song and all the sudden it's a "love ballad". The lyrics could have read "And lord Satan will crush your skull, and rape your ass, and your God can't save you, so suck the devil's cock etc" but add in violens and the effects and people would still say it's a fucking love ballad. Maybe I think highly of this song, because recently the radio station that does play this song does not play it that often. Seriously they've played it twice in a span of two months, both times I caught it at 3am. So the over saturation hasn't effected me.

Now granted this song isn't actually metal in the strictest of terms. Fuck that, even the bassist stated in an interview that this album was hardrock with only two metal songs. Of course I think him somewhat wrong, because I hear more than two metal songs. Back to Silent Lucidity...

Everyone on God/Allah/Satan/Odin/Samael/etc's green earth knows that song is a very slow melodic song with violens, effects, and a spoken word passage. I'm not going to write a note by note review of the songs; especially this one. The most effective meaning of the song that I've heard and agree with after listening to the song numerous times is this one. It's a song about dream control, but more accurately it's a song about a girl whose father has died. The song is essentially him singing this song to her, telling her that she can control her dreams and be safe. Then he sings that he'll be watching over always.

Oh yeah, this is really a love ballad.

Granted this song should have never been touched by MTV, I have never seen the video, but I imagine they totally butchered the meaning of the song.

Alright now for the other songs.

The songs Jet City Woman, Empire, and The Thin line seem to be the heaviest songs on this album. All three contain moderately fast tempoed riffing, and the least slow parts of all the songs. Ironically it's Jet City Woman that should be classified as the love ballad. Oh wait, it's actually at a moderately fast tempo, so it can't be about love. :roll: The anti political song Empire is another highlight of this album. Nice guitar riffs layed over excellent bass lines and drums. Added with Tate's vocals make this song the thinking mans song of the album.

Then we have the songs with the atmosphere in them. Another Rainy night (without you) and is Anybody Listening?" the best way I can describe the songs is to take the atmosphere from Silent Lucidity and mix it with the heaviness of Empire and the melody of Donna Brown and Jet City Woman. Both songs are also excellent with the band's progressive moments showing in Anybody Listening?. Tate's vocal range in this song is also amazing.

Another hint of irony, Another Rainy Night is the albums sappy love ballad (in a good way) but no one seems to bitch about it. For fucks sake the lyrics spell it out "I'm waiting for you and my take out got cold, and I'm so depressed with out you." Sheesh people learn to read the lyrics too.

Other songs such as Best I Can, Last Time in Paris, Dirty Little Secret, and Della Brown are also very well played songs.

Basically this album has songs that everyone can enjoy, but it also contains songs that people will hate.

89/100 and 60 of those points are for Silent Lucidity.