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Just not an "A" effort - 75%

LaconicWarrior, June 3rd, 2008

Before I start to go off in to sad bash about this album let me mention that it is not so bad. It is just not an “A” effort . First off , this is no Operation Mindcrime. You are not getting the musical genius of the album that proceeded . What you are getting is a mediocre album that you will listen to but, it will be nowhere near your top of your stack . You will find some of Queensryche’s most superlative songs constructed but I would not recommend this album to anyone who has no heard them yet .

I must state that this album is not a concept album . Songs do not follow a sequence ; however you will still find that each individual song does have its own storyline . What also knocks down the rating of this album is the amount of fillers. When you speak to other metalheads on the best songs on the album you will find the same answers but when those “second tier tracks” are mentioned answers will not be congruent . At this point every opinion will be completely different except everyone will agree that the non-hit songs are forgotten . Lyrics are a little less atypical of Queensryche . You will find tracks about the classic defiant against government words as well as some songs about inner sanctuary and revival ala “Best I Can” and “Silent Lucidity” . Musically Queensryche uses a lot more synthetic sounds as a supplement to there acoustics and clean sounds (not that you won’t find lighter sounds) . I mean hey they are partly prog-metal so this is expected . In fact this is one of the strongest aspects of the record. Speed and heaviness are parallel to the previous albums, so do hesitate to buy this because of change of style album .

One of the things that I find about Queensryche is that they are the type of band that is great to listen to while you are relaxing and can really analyze the music. This album does not fail at all in that department . You will still get your full dosage of classic Queensryche . Maybe this is why they are progressive .

Overall just not a great follow up album to its predecessor because of augmented expectations . (You see I am already bashing this album a little too much) . Well to prove that this album has not faded away I was at an amusement park the other day and I heard “Jet City Woman” blasting on one of the rides . Me and my buddy turned to each other and said “What do you know they are playing Queensryche while people are just having a good time and liking the song , not having a clue who it is” . Then I thought to myself that 18 years after the original release a few random kids are appreciating true metal . Then I instantly thought the exact way to sum up the album . This album goes forgotten because unfortunately is not an over the top effort . Only the best of the best songs on the album survive and not by much .

Sickest Songs “Best I Can” “Jet City Woman” “Another Rainy Night (Without You)” “Silent Lucidity”