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Hit and Miss - 55%

CrimsonFloyd, December 7th, 2012

Summoning of the Igneous is a split between two black metal acts with fairly opposing sounds. First up is The Greek act Pyrifleyethon, whose sound is dense, muddy and violent. The vocals are rough and snarling while the riffs are thick, fast and pounding. Though this is predominately black metal, elements of doom and death can be heard throughout. Pyrifleyethon have distinct aesthetic, but lack the riffs or compositions to substantiate that sound.

In contrast, the highly international Ophidian Forest (the three members are from Croatia, the Netherlands and California) has a thinner, spookier sound that is driven by carnival style synths and high, crackly growls. The keys provide some really eerie and quirky melodies and the vocals give a maniacal quality to the recording. The guitars do a nice job of providing a foundation upon which the keys can paint wild and wacky images. Unfortunately, the drumming is a little sloppy and anything other than a blast beat feels a little wobbly. In spite of that flaw, Ophidian Forest does enough to warrant further research, while Pyrifleyethon are pretty forgettable.

Pyrifleyethon: 40%
Ophidian Forest: 75%

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