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Rubs into Your Open wounds - 80%

FullMetalAttorney, May 11th, 2012

Sweden's Pyramido sticks out like a sore thumb in the Swedish metal scene with their hordes of death metal bands, rapidly proliferating retro heavy metal bands, and stalwart black metal bands. I don't think I can name another Swedish sludge band. Salt is the band's second full-length, after a debut that received a fair degree of hype.

On top of the sludge metal heap right now is the Georgia scene, which, excepting a few like Black Tusk and Withered, is relatively mellow. But Pyramido has an ugly, raging, hardcore-infused brand of old-school sludge that has a lot more in common with Crowbar and Kingdom of Sorrow. This is New Orleans by way of Malmö.

Innovation is not the name of the game here. Instead, you'll find mostly mid-paced sludge with hardcore screaming and solid riffsmanship. The only curveball here is instrumental "Saltstoder", featuring an engaging synth melody. If they wanted to experiment further, that would be an interesting direction to go. The production is very good, with a raw feel and fully audible bass.

The Verdict: Salt rubs itself into your open wounds with raging old-school sludge. It's a very solid album, if not a game-changer.

originally written for

Pyramido - Salt - 85%

Phuling, July 26th, 2011

Pyramido seem to be the joy of every sludge fan out there. From what I can tell there’s only one negative review out there, but I honestly can’t remember where I read it. Salt is their second album, completing their deal with Totalrust Music (but I have no idea if they’ve signed a new deal). After the critically acclaimed Sand from 2009 they’ve released two splits, of which I haven’t really noticed any hype about. But I’ve already begun noticing an even bigger buzz about this album.

What’s truly sad about this album is the fact that my favourite song by far is the opening one, and as soon as Walking blind ends I just want to hit repeat, ‘cause none of the following tracks lives up to it. The added versatility in vocals is noticeable as soon as the first scream takes place. He sounds as to have developed his scream further, digging deeper into the pits of desperation, really enhancing the impact it has on the listener. Unfortunately the lyrics aren’t included this time around either, which I feel would’ve given me, as a listener, a deeper understanding as well as impact-wise having a greater punch. But oh well… There’s some form of hardcore-esque Crowpath vibe present in the opening track, but I can’t really explain exactly why that is. As Left to rot takes over the stoner influence is imminent, and the sludgy stoner riffing continues through the track.

Salt definitely sounds similar to Sand, but with a sound developed much further, carrying the emotional aspect on their sleeve, and with a bigger and heavier punch to the production. Matte of Studio Bengt shows that he’s not only great with crust acts, he most certainly knows how to give doom a live sound, ‘cause the drums really comes to life with a loud and powerful sound. The two guitar wielders work great together, creating a churning and heavy base, as the bass adds that low-end chugging to perfect the recipe.

Just like before I draw comparisons to Grief and Noothgrush, but with less Electric Wizard and with the added flair of Eyehategod and Crowbar, completing Pyramido’s journey into the sludgy swamp pits of stonered doom. Everything about their sound has just been given an upgrade, creating Pyramido 2.0, who aren’t afraid of adding a melodic aspect (proven with the extremely effective guitar leads in Hollow words and Onward, the latter being a track that also lets the bass go at it in full effect) to the otherwise punishingly heavy doom. The LP version is released by a Swedish label called Mourningwood Records, and I’m inclined to get a hold of Salt on that version as well, just to experience the journey in its proper format.

Originally written for My Last Chapter