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Sick and Brutal - 85%

Homer_Nava, March 8th, 2013

American Line Prods. is editing some great releases from the '90s such as this and I think this is a good effort for metalheads looking for old stuff. Pyphomgertum was an strange band formed in early '90s in those years when black metal was increasing popularity worldwide, then this band came with a different and original concept: anti-Satanic death metal. The black metal scene was insulted with the ideology of this band that was in fact anti-Satanic and not anti-black metal. That was a funny chapter in the Mexican scene, in my opinion, and the fact that some scenes were fighting because of that. Pyphomgertum was of the few brutal death metal bands in Mexico in those years. This band was in the vein of brutal acts like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, and some others.

Gorific Carnal Confessions is their only full-length, but previously they released some demos and this CD is the culmination of their career. This is a revisited edition which was recorded in 1995. What can we find here about music? This is brutal death metal with a gory ambiance. The sick music performed in this CD is really amazing, being ultra-fast with some slow changes shown suddenly. The guitar work is excellent with very fast and sick riffs along with the bass guitar, which is notable and strong, and the drums that are fast and strong as well, but sometimes I don’t like the sound of this instrument because the cymbals sounds empty. This happens because the recording is not very good. The vocals are very low and guttural, created by Alfonso Artgore Ruiz, who is also the responsible for the artwork for this CD (and worked for some bands and zines, too).

Pyphomgertum was one of the most original and brutal bands in the Mexican scene, creating good death metal with killer musicianship and underground feeling. This band was featured in my zine and also played in my city years back. Take a look to the metal made in other eras of the Mexican scene. This is only an edition of 500 copies, so get yours now!

Pypromgertum: the place where Satan will cry and die.