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A New Spark In The Gothic / Death Style. - 90%

NightmareInc, July 15th, 2006

It's quite rare to find nature-inspired death metal (although it occasionally manages to pop up) and when it does pop up, it usually lacks of the important values: i.e., good production, catchy riffs, nice vocals, etc. Pyogenesis - however; has managed to spark a new flame amongst the almost dead, pissed out fire that is: nature-inspired deathy gothic metal - minus the symphonic sequences.

Although this band is certainly gothic metal, the vocals are very much different from the average gothic metal style - yet also somewhat far away from death metal as well. Somewhat similar to the "average" hardcore singer, but perhaps a bit more gutteral - it brings up confusion. I've heard people call this band a "gothicore" band, along other names of the genre such as: none. Gothic metal and hardcore combined is a rather rare thing. I will hint that the vocals aren't quite too similar to a hardcore singer, death metal singer, gothic metal singer (which usually varies anyways), but very much closer to Vader's vocals combined with Cumdeo's, with perhaps just a minor tint in variation of change - Behemoth vocals; sprinkled with dabs of hardcore. An odd combination, but it seems to work just fine.

The music itself has some certain death metal attributes to it, but also manages to be its own style. Now, I'm not one to pick out originality in bands - but this band is much more original than any other gothic metal band I've ever heard from their country. Industrial gothic / post-death doomy hardcore. The riffs are somewhat similar to your normal down-tuned gothic metal riffs, but occasionally can reach rather high melodic standards. The bass tends to be rather loud and stands out. The drums are often times rather slow, but sometimes work up to average-to post-average, somewhat fast speeds. Aside from these instruments, violins occasionally pop up here and there. Not quite here and there (as to say in "all the wrong places, or at random"), as in they come in at the right times. They always fit in just perfectly with everything else, showing a great understanding of blend from these great musical masters.

Just how would I demonstrate this bands style though, you ask? It's rather complicated. Take Godflesh (up to "Selfless" era) and subtract the vocals. Add some early Vader to it, take away the speed, add some early Tristania, minus the vocals, add some Cumdeo, occasional female vocals, a tad bit of In The Woods... progressiveness, and some My Dying Bride. At this point, musically: you're at an all-time originality. Of course nothing too original, but certainly worth the listen; as well as a few peaks now and then on their other albums. Recommended for My Dying Bride fans.