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Ignis Creatio - 100%

Zach_Eligos, September 3rd, 2005

After experimenting with doom metal on “Sacrificious Profanity,” Pyogenesis’ third EP is total gothic doom/death. Produced by Falk Gruber who also produced “Ode To The Churning Seas of Nar-Mataru” and “Sacrificious Profanity,”the EP’s overall sound and production are simply amazing. The cover art selected by the band is perfect since it fits “Ignis Creatio’s” overall dark and depressing mood. Simply put, this album is a death metal masterpiece.

1. Still Burn In Fire
The track begins with a very quiet and bad produced intro that explodes into one very loud metal guitar solo. “Still Burn In Fire” is Pyogenesis’ first attempt to incorporate female vocals and they are entirely successful. Martha Gonzales-Martin’s angelic and fragile voice beautifully meshes with Flo’s haunting backing vocals and Tim’s harsh screams.
The overall sound of this track is amazing; catchy yet intense guitar work create a brilliant death metal anthem. Furthermore, the chorus is simply astounding; the listener’s hair will stand on it’s end when they hear the part when the instruments stop and the lone guitar and Tim’s vocals only remain. After the chorus follows a blasting guitar riff that quickly leads to the climax.

2. Like Tears (In The Dust)
Not only is this my favorite Pyogenesis’ song, but this is also my favorite death metal song of all time. All the elements lick on this song, there is not one single flaw located on this track. Whether it may be the lonely sound of the waves crashing against the shore, Flo’s melancholic vocals, or the saddening yet dynamic lyrics, this track totally captures the essence of anguish and dolor.
The overall speed of this track is rather slow in order to capture the feeling of depression. The song is loaded with guitar solos riddled throughout “Like Tears.” The lyrics and vocals are simply mind-blowing; Pyogenesis at their best. Even Martha Gonzales-Martin’s voice is doubled in order to formulate the sound of a choir of angels.
The best part of “Like Tears” is the climax which begins with a lonely acoustic guitar solo. Eventually the beautiful acoustic guitar solo is drowned out by the slow and lonely wailing of the electric guitar. When the electric guitar is introduced, the overall music becomes more intense and Pit’s drumming becomes even more harder. The song ends with all three vocalists simultaneously singing while the music quickly plummets towards oblivion.

3. On Soulwings
The track begins with a heavy and almost epic intro containing acoustic and electric guitars and a keyboard. After the intro follows multiple guitar solos. The lyrics located on this track are rather grandiose because of the lyrical content. Gone are the images of depression and sorrow and replaced with words that seem to be derived from Germanic and Slavic folklore.
The guitar work located on this track is astounding. Whether it may be the memorable electric guitar solos or the beautiful acoustic sound, the track will leave a lasting impression on the listener.
The song concludes with keyboards that become louder as the song finishes. The overall music is absorbed by the keyboards which eventually engulf Tim’s “bitter last warnings.”

4. Underneath Orion’s Sword
“Underneath Orion’s Sword” is the most up-tempo of all of Ignis Creatio’s tracks. The song is riddled with a huge black metal influence, keyboards are located throughout the song and Flo’s vocals are harsh and raspy.
This song is excellent and is also a favorite among Pyogenesis’ fans. Fans of early metal will love this song because of “Underneath Orion’s Sword’s” thrash/black metal-esque overtone.

5. Ignis Creatio
The outro on this EP is not a metal song but rather a gothic threnody with keyboards and sound effects. All the vocals are performed by Flo; the initial chorus is pitchshifted while the second chorus is edited in order to double and echo Flo’s voice. After Flo’s chorus are explosions, intense winds, and other harmonies of chaos. During the entropy, the triumphant keyboards play on, whether their glory is aimed towards the creation or the destruction of mankind is unknown.

“Ignis Creatio" is an essential album that should be in everyone’s collection. Breathtakingly grand yet ferociously intense, this album is a must for not only metal fans but for all music lovers. I have never heard an album like this before nor do I plan to ever again.