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Relentless - 100%

optimuszgrime, March 22nd, 2008

Absolute classic in technical death metal. this is one of those early albums that helped define the genre, and changed the face of death metal. The main thing here is the drummer, and it is no surprise that after his accident they had to stop, for lack of drummers. The guitar work is amazing and the bass is also pretty cool, stands out from the guitars quiet a bit and is pretty well audible through out the album. The vocals are pretty standard, really low growling vocals. The drummer plays pretty much constant blast beats, and the double bass work is constant 32nd notes under the entire thing, every riff has these. His foot work is absolutely amazing, very few people can compare, perhaps George Kolias of Nile fame, and a few others. But really his drumming is inhuman in terms of stamina and constancy goes. That is what makes this album so relentless, the incredible drumming. Everything else is also top notch, all of the songs rule, without exception. The entire album is roughly half an hour, but you will break a sweat just listening to it. Really that is all that can be said about this classic, it needs to be heard. If you by some chance have missed this and are into brutal death metal, get it by all means, this is a really basic album in the genre.