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Would you like milk with that? - 85%

Spawnhorde, January 20th, 2004

First of all...the album title. It cracks me up. So do the song titles. 'Sugar Spiced Anus', 'Cranial Blowout', 'Blood Spewed On My Face'. It's just such a wonderful picture. Anyways, this isn't about lyrics and titles, it's about music. Sharing members with Disavowed (on the same label, Unique Leader of the best labels), this band is bound to be good. Pulling off some nice drumming and guitarwork on the songs 'Everlasting Torture' and 'Malodorous Rancidity' and covering it all up in a blanket of low vocals and blastbeats, these songs absolutely must be heard by fans of Disavowed, Spawn Of Posession, and Disgorge (any of the 689767 of them). I can't say much about the album, besides that it is quite the solid release on one of the best brutal labels. Oh, and the title track is worth popping if you like Suffocation. That's about it. Order this if you already haven't.