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Pyaemia > Cerebral Cereal > Reviews > JeromeThomas
Pyaemia - Cerebral Cereal

Cerebral Cereal - 90%

JeromeThomas, May 13th, 2022

I would argue that Pyaemia's Cerebral Cereal is a classic of brutal death metal and a highly underrated one at that. Being released in 2001, it remains the only full-length ever put out by the band due to their drummer suffering a wrist injury. It's no surprise that the band preferred to split rather than press on with a new drummer, as the drumwork in Cerebral Cereal is one of the best I've heard in brutal death. The blast beats are relentless and incessant, pounding your ears to a bleeding pulp at breakneck speed.

The riffs on this album are simply stellar and memorable as they grab the listener by the neck and demand their full attention. Engaging and dare I say even groovy or melodic riffs make this album a definite must-listen. Coupled with the blasting drumwork, the overall sound of this album remains extremely brutal and heavy while still enjoyable to listen to. The main riff on Blood Spewed on My Face has to be my favourite in the entire album with the one in Sugar Spiced Anus (what a title) coming in at a close second. A multitude of tempo changes mix the heavy chugs, proto-slamming grooves and catchy melodic riffs to birth this absolute masterpiece of an album. Supreme songwriting is at play here which just elevates this album even more. At just under 30 minutes, Cerebral Cereal is short but sweet although I definitely would not mind a few more songs of the same caliber and intensity.

The vocals are top-tier brutal death gutturals reminiscent of Matti Way. Nothing too wacky but excellent and filthy nonetheless. A variety of low growls, high screams and barking roars prevent it from sounding monotonous or boring. The album’s production is clean but not overproduced which lets each element of the music shine in its disgustingly brutal beauty. Overall, Pyaemia’s Cerebral Cereal is a hallmark of brutal death metal and is an essential listen for fans of the genre or just heavy music in general.