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Pyaeffecation. - 80%

Harachte, October 23rd, 2004

"We dedicate this album to the gods of deathgrind Suffocation R.I.P.", so it is written in the cd booklet of "Cerebral Cereal", the debut album of Dutch band Pyaemia. And that tells you exactly where they went shopping musically; from the opening song "Gorging On Mucus And Bile" onward, the Rotterdam band blasts tightly and in highest gear through their fast death/grind, whereby Suffocation indeed comes to the surface from time to time, especially in the slower parts where they play with the tempi. Nothing wrong with that, because the band adequately performs its task on this debut (with a very funny title), that was recorded in the Excess Studio in Rotterdam, without making their influences too obvious.

Fans of blast beats, deep grunts in the vein of Frank "Grizzly Bear" Mullen, heavy guitar riffs but also the necessary variation, will certainly be satisfied with this fairly civilised and transparent sounding cd, and I'm certain we'll hear a lot more from these four guys in the future.
A small point of criticism though, apparently good songs don't last long, because after a little over 29 minutes the party is over ...