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magically delicious - 79%

Cheeses_Priced, August 31st, 2004

This is excellent deathgrind in the Suffocation vein, no more or less. Differences between bands in this style can seem largely hypothetical to the disinterested observer, but this band's rather distinct brand of mutated melody helps to separate them from the crowd. I think most of the music here would probably sound decent enough if played on violin, believe it or not, and the songwriting is very memorable. In particular I find myself whistling the tremolo riffing starting at about 1:10 in "Impaled on Stakes" from time to time. Seriously! Sometimes the music makes me imagine small chamber pieces performed by beings from hell, but maybe I have more imagination than most. The ridiculous song titles (no lyrics are provided) might be a turnoff for some, but they do fit in with the music's healthy sense of absurdity.

The excellent production is also worth mentioning. Usually one may expect a deathgrind recording to sound like a trash compactor operating in a dank cave, but here everything comes in loud and clear.

In short, much better than the average release in this style.