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Decent enough, could be better - 77%

deathmetal69_, August 14th, 2019

The debut album by the brutal death kings Putridity. Not really an amazing or memorable record, but it exists, and it's not horrible. This album is decent, and again; it's the band's beginner work.

I like the intro. It's horrific and scary and provides what the theme of the album is and how the music will be. The songs are filled with energy and disgust, the cover art and the music actually go great together, it's almost like it's the same thing or something, if that makes sense.

Songwriting is very good of course, I like the structures and speed on every one. But that doesn't mean this album is good overall.

The main issue I have with this album is the drums. The kick drums are too loud, they sound empty and they're always there, just deep in your ears nonstop, the snare is incredibly weak and boring, the drums provide zero backbone at all pretty much. A crappy weak snare with an ear-pearcing double kick? One thing I really hate. It'll eventually get past you, but yeah. The only backbone this album truly has is the guitars, and even those aren't great either. When I say they aren't GREAT I'm not saying they aren't GOOD, they are good, just simply not "great". The guitars are the trademark Putridity low-tuned chuggy mid-paced strumming and squeals thing over and over, which I really do love. But the way this album's style is written makes it not as good as it could be. This is wasted potential. The demo was a blueprint for the debut and what it should be like, but what we actually have is a slight pullback. Questionable stuff.

Also, on this release a full band has been formed. No longer Ciccio by himself. We have BrutalDave on drums, Alessandro on bass, and again Ciccio on guitars and vocals. This album is a decent enough effort, but this is kinda disappointing for a full band's work. A self-proven demo followed by a full length that isn't as promising as the actual demo? What a kick in the water.

But besides all the bad parts, that doesn't mean the album is ALL bad. Yeah, the sound of everything isn't all that amusing, but at least the songs are listenable and are enjoyable most of the time. This album isn't necessarily bad, I just think this could've been way better if more thought was put into it.

Again to clarify, not a horrible album. It's good. It just needs some work and etc. Once you listen to this you'll definitely understand what exactly I'm trying to say here.

This may sound like a negative review, but I'm only covering the bad parts because they need to be noticed. I'm middle grounded with this album. But again, all these bad parts doesn't make the entire album "bad". All im saying is that there's tons of room for improvement here.