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Putridity - Mental prolapse induces necrophilism - 75%

Phuling, August 18th, 2009

When I first read that Permeated had signed Putridity I thought it was the Polish act by the same name (as I had never heard of the Italian one), and I was thrilled since I absolutely love their stuff. But after a while I of course realized it was an entirely different Putridity, and with a couple of guys from Corpsefucking Art this can’t be all that bad.

So have you heard a band called Enmity? Did you like it? Well, then you’re gonna love this. Oh, so you hated it... Well, you might actually like this anyway. "Mental prolapsed induces necrophilism" is one of those albums that goes for that ultra blasting, ultra brutal, ultra gory death metal, much like the previously mentioned band. But thankfully they have enough technical adeptness and breaks to pull it off and make it tolerable. Brutal death metal is without a doubt a big favourite of mine, but I can’t stand some of the mindless blasting I get to hear every once in a while, when a band think they’re good by just being brutal (or should I say br00tal).

The technicality is good, they throw in enough screechy guitar breaks to let you know they have talent as well; they can do more than just blast. But blast they surely do, and despite that the drum department presents quite a lot of variation. They slickly go from a straight-forward blasting death metal recipe to a sudden halt, where the slow, heavy, chugging riffs get your attention. And with the different drum patterns and tempo changes they ease up on the ultra-brutality. Sure, there might not be any particular rememberable riffing, or even song for that matter, but they still manage to deliver really kick ass shit. The musicianship is great and the tunes flow fairly fluent, in and out of the heavy breaks. Vocally it’s pretty much just straight-forward gurgling growls; indecipherable and gory-as-hell (you know, when you at times think he might be just exhaling into the mic). At times there are some variations to it with some minor piglet squeals deeper growls, but the main-part is just grunts. This works pretty well with the overall recipe, although I can’t say it’s always that easy to read along with the lyrics.

But despite the good results making ultra blasting, ultra brutal, ultra gory death metal not so mindless, there’s still some departments that could use some improvement. Well, ok mostly just one; the production. The drumming sounds rather thin, and the guitars (while certainly sounding heavy) are also a little on the thin side. A more chunky sound would definitely complement this well, letting it carry a much bigger punch. And the length is also annoying. If you’d remove the intro and outro (over half of "Pursue the suicidal breed" is just a sample outro) the album’s only about 22 minutes long, making it more of a MCD instead of a fullength.

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