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Pretty cool stuff - 74%

deathmetal69_, August 13th, 2019

The beginning of what will be one of the greatest brutal death metal bands to ever exist. Putridity's first demo recordings. The band wasn't even a band yet, Putridity started out as a solo project by guitarist Ciccio, he plays everything on this including vocals and programming the drums.

This demo is pretty good, not gonna lie. The drums are indeed heavily programmed, but you'll get over it very fast. This demo is pretty much their studio album type stuff, but with programmed drums. Not much of a bother once you pass the first song. Most of the time programmed drums sound awful, but suprisingly on this demo they don't, and that's a good thing.

All the songs on this release are re-recorded in the project's future studio albums, it's fun to hear the original process and how it sounded in the beginning. This is Putridity's beginning roots, and it's very cool. I also just love how Ciccio did all this by himself, good song titles, good guitar playing, good songwriting, and presenting a new and original style to the brutal death metal scene. Reminds me of Putrid Pile, one man brutal death bands are crazy cool and random.

This sometimes does get iffy, this isn't something to listen to on a constant basis, in my opinion. It's not a bad demo at all, but it's not amazing at the same time. This is just some pretty solid stuff that's good.

All instruments sound good, songs flow smoothly, this is quite listenable. Nothing here really fails, especially since it's a one-man job which makes it good by default. For it being a demo, this is definitely what a demo is, and what it should sound like. This is the start of the revolutionary Putridity, and it does not fail!